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A new day is dawning at Wrestler4Hire...

An age of shadow vs. light, good vs. bad, hero vs. villain. This is Hero Hunks, where impossibly muscular bodies flex and pose in suits of Lycra and spandex, stretched tightly across muscular backs, chests, thighs, and more. Hero Hunks offers scheming villains, daring escapes, bitter rivalries, strength, domination, superpowers being used and abused, and, of course, heroes fighting for what’s right.

Featuring a dynamic cast of charismatic, athletic entertainers like Blake Starr, Christian Thorn, Cali Boy, Calvin Haynes, Braden Charron, Brute Baynard, and many more.

Hero Hunks is a cavalcade of aggressive, luminous action from start to finish. Watch as these lion-hearted warriors beat, battle, and rage at each other in the continuing quest for total heroic domination.


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  • PX-Beta vs. Blaze Added: 01-03-2020

    Plucky PX-Beta (Dimitri Darkthorn) has saved the city once [more]

  • Dash vs. Nick Justice Added: 01-01-2020

    Coming Soon

  • Baron Badcock vs. Mist Added: 01-01-2020

    Baron Badcock is back, baby! He may be shorter than the a [more]

  • The Ripper vs. Dash Added: 01-01-2020

    Youthful, powerful, daring and dangerous. Dash and The Ri [more]

  • Wonder Man vs. Tsunami Added: 01-01-2020

    Forget about Gal Gadot. Bring on GUY Gadot! Who needs Lyn [more]

  • Crimson Fury vs. Tsunami Added: 05-01-2019

    Crimson Fury reclines, as all superheroes do, in only a spee [more]

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